Thursday, August 31, 2006


my mom sent me this picture of my gramma o'sullivan today. all i can say is - she was stunning.

i miss her.


Becky said...


not to take away from how sweet Keith was being, Kai and I were talking about grandparents last night. He asked if I have any grandparents, and when I told him "no, they've all died", he asked "did you get new grandparents?" Of course, my first reaction was to laugh at the simplicity of his question, but then I thought about it and really, I did get a new grandparent - my sweet gramma Julia.

I miss her, too.

meg & critch said...

She was probably the kindest and most loving person I have ever met.

Christian said...

Brother, you're sick thinking our sweet old gramma was hot.

Don't call me ever again!
And get some couselling you sick sick man.


Beth said...

How come I've never seen this picture before? I want a copy!! She really was the most beautiful person.
Love Beth