Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Remember the shower curtain I made? I finally figured out how to get our new grommet setter to put holes in it, so it is now finished. I didn't want to use a flash for the photo, but our bathroom has no windows, so the picture isn't very bright. And excuse the faux-wood counter. It's not our first choice for a counter top, but I can't sew a new one of those so we're stuck with it.

A close-up of the fabric I used:

I'm quite happy with it. Keith wonders why we didn't do this years ago. (The yellow shower curtain hadn't matched our bathroom for a while now... not since we lived in Willowdale.)

Oh, and to brighten your day, here's the lovely sunrise I saw this morning on my way to the gym. (I've been going right around sunrise lately, and this morning I finally remembered to bring my camera. It actually got prettier a few minutes later, but by then the backdrop was a parking lot, so it wasn't as good a shot.)

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