Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More happy things...

First, from this past weekend's garage sales: a new skateboard - we have a very happy kid, although we're going to need some elbow and knee pads now. Some of you might wonder how he knows about skateboards - for starters, we have a pretty awesome skatepark in town, and we've been there during a competition and have seen some good tricks... and there are at least two T-shirts on the current rotation that feature skateboards, not to mention one that has been retired to the "too-small pile".

For me, a new (old?) washstand... although I'm not really sure that's what this is called. Internet nerd as I am, I googled "washstand" and "wash stand" (in Images) and most of the pictures of stands sans built-in-sinks (ie. traditional ones) were the kind with a towel rack at the back, not on the sides. So does anyone know what to call this?

Also - 16 1-quart mason jars. I'm going to can peaches for the first time outside of my mother's home. I'll let you know how that goes later. The box of peaches we bought on Sunday is still ripening in the garage... Maybe tomorrow.

I've been getting inspired lately. Angie has a bunch of links on her website that I've been frequenting lately (and links within), and some of them have inspired this:

And this:

And the purchase of these:

Pillow number one is pictured above... I just finished number two this evening. Number three needs the binding blind-stitched... if the peaches aren't ripe tomorrow, maybe that'll happen then. I'm really excited about my new fabric - I don't know what made me purchase all the pink, but I'm suddenly feeling that I need to make a pink pillow for someone. Anyone want a pink pillow? I can add other colours, too.

I love my new mat. It's probably one of the wonkiest things I've ever made, so much so that I had to explain to Keith that you're not supposed to get down on the floor to analyze it. Anyhow, it makes doing dishes just that much more bearable, and it's fun to look at, too. The last good-sized piece of my favourite fabric is in the mat - it's also the binding for the pillow. I've still got a couple little scraps, and I'm pretty sure that they'll make it into something someday.

On one other completely unrelated front (why stop with the non sequiturs now?), we've got exciting news. HE GETS IT:


Grandma H said...

Log Cabin design is supposed to be dark on one side and light on the other side and red in the centre to make the fireplace. Just a little bit of traditional quilting information. Good going kia. You finally got the method of using the pedals.

Bye the way I forgot to mention I usually spread the peaches out on the bed covered with newspapers make sure they ripen evenly.


Becky said...

Mom - re: log cabin quilts - I know, I know... but sometimes you have to break from tradition to see what other pretty thing you can come up with. :) Besides, I wasn't the first. :)

Grandma H said...

Looks Great the way you did it.