Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The birthday truck

Scene - dining room table this morning during breakfast. I am eating my granola cereal with my laptop off to the side. Kai is eating his yogurt with granola.

Kai: I can't wait until the birthday truck comes. Is your birthday in April?

Me: [confused] the birthday truck? uh.... yes, it is. [curious] What's a birthday truck?

Kai: A birthday truck is what comes and it brings birthdays. [long pause while he spoons yogurt and granola into his mouth, then continues] and presents! I can't wait for the birthday truck to come!

Me: [deciding that I need to write this down I grab the laptop and open up notepad to record this] what made you think of birthdays?

Kai: I don't know. I think of presents for the birthdays!

Me: [trying to figure out what spawned this discussion] Who's coming on the birthday truck?

Kai: Uncle Paul. [pause] Does Uncle Paul have a birthday truck? I don't know if he does. [Goes back to eating his yogurt as though this conversation was completely normal.]

Incidentally, if you google "birthday truck", the first link is this poem. In google images, the first image is this playmobile truck. Who knew?


Pete said...

I'm expecting the birthday truck tomorrow.

meg & critch said...

Hey! Trucks bring presents here too...but in a round about way.

Becky said...

Pete - I actually remembered while I was writing this that your birthday is today... Happy birthday, my friend! I hope the birthday truck brings you lots of fun surprises!