Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend bliss

We had a very busy weekend. I think. It's a bit of a blur now, but I remember feeling very satisfied. There were many little projects, both new and old, and many were completed. I thrive on completion. When I consider this aspect about myself, I find myself thinking back to the "high D" personality type that always emerged when I took the DISC personality tests back in my high school and undergrad years. I'm certainly not sentimental about that time, but wow... the flashbacks of the horrid yellow carpeting in our old Jr. High room are really vivid. My "D" personality suggests that although organization isn't one of my strong points, the satisfaction of finishing a task is a strong motivator for me.

So, I thrive on completion, and because I don't get to do domestic things and little tasks around the house on a daily basis, I love that aspect of the weekend. While other parents were happily packing up their children and taking them to the beach to enjoy one of the last weekends of the summer, we spent the weekend doing all those little things around the house that have been patiently waiting for our attention, which couldn't make me happier. But first, there were some
yard sales to discover. Some of the plunder:

Some artwork.

Not-so-vintage plates (from Restoration Hardware, reportedly) with a vintage cheese label theme. I couldn't resist them...

This firetruck tent got the best reaction from the kid: a big wide-eyed gasp. He eventually crawled inside and "drove" it around the driveway.Some other toy finds: a kitchen, a weed trimmer, a wheelbarrow and a variety of FP Little People toys. Oh the joy!

On to the Projects, in addition to cleaning the aforementioned toys.


1. Obtained some new screws and reattached the hinged top of the blanket box at the end of Kai's bed. I'm happy to report that we're no longer putting our child in danger every time he crawls on and off his bed.

2. Sewed curtains for our bedroom, to replace the not-so-chic and not-so-adjustable bedsheet that has been providing us with a little sunlight-relief since June. They're hung now on our brand new curtain rod, and looking very lovely, if I don't say so myself.

3. Hung up the garage saled artwork and mirrors from the last two weeks in our bedroom, the stairwell, the spare room and the downstairs hallway.

4. Finished installing the new shelves in my craft closet. How exciting is this? I find it funny that I'm not the only one who decided it was necessary to organize my quilting supplies over the last week or so.

5. Keith rearranged the linen et al. closet to make room for our 12 jars of peaches, and the 10 or so that I will hopefully finish up tonight. (Did I mention that I'm going to can more peaches? Well I am. The price is just too good to pass up... and they're just so tasty!)

WIP (Works-in-progress):

1. Sewed a new shower curtain for our bathroom to replace the lovely-but-not-at-all-matching yellow curtain that has been in our lives since I moved into our apartment on Ancona Street. It's not quite finished yet because our grommet setter turned out to be in less than ideal shape. Perhaps a new one will be purchased today and it will get finished tonight...

2. Purchased some lovely cedar planks to make some shelving for the craft area (scrapbooking and card-making) of our bedroom - I'm going to attempt to organize that zone so that it's easier to sit down and be productive. Keith spray-painted the brackets so that rather than bright white, they're now a funky shade of brown. (Is that really possible? Can brown be funky?)

3. Keith removed some glass from an old window frame that I found at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I purchased some sheet metal to replace the glass... I still need to do some tin-punch art on them, and cut them to size before we look for a place to hang it.

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bubandpie said...

I love me a good personality test. I Googled DISC and it looks like I'm an S (sheesh - sounds like the most boring one, except maybe for the C's - yeah, they're even more boring).