Sunday, January 13, 2008

The first conversation of my day

Becky: (groggy, just waking up) Good morning, Kai.

Kai: (not as groggy, climbing across the bed, apparently on a mission) Good morning, mama. I have a question.

B: What is it, Bub?

K: When people go up mountains, how do they get down?

B: Well, when they walk up a mountain they generally walk back down. Sometimes it is almost as hard to walk down as it is to walk up.

K: I think it would be funner (sic) if, instead of walking, they could just slide down.


Ain't that the truth.

Of course, I would add that rather than walking up the mountain, it would be even more funner if they could ride up on a chair lift. But that's just me.


Beck said...

I think a slide would pick up some fairly impressive speed going down mount everest, don't you?

ewe are here said...

Yes, lifts, trains, being pulle don a sled...anything but actually having to walk up the mountain sounds good to me! :-)

obsessiveskier said...

Did you see the photo essay in Skiing Magazine last month that covered the top 10 crashes of all time? One Japanese dude fell over 3000 vertical feet while attempting to ski down Everest.

That Kai is one sharp kid.