Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sea World

Bless his heart, at least the travel I do for work presents an opportunity for learning.

I was parked in the hallway outside our bathroom, taking advantage of the bathtime playtime to upgrade a computer program for work and listening to Kai play with his new Target brand Toob-style tube of wee sea creature toys, when I heard the following:

"So, here are the fish. These fish and these crabs live at Christmas Island..."

So now we're discussing who lives at Christmas Island. And the difference between scorpions and crustaceans. And that lobsters live in cooler waters than crabs. And did I see any seahorses when I was at Christmas Island? And what about eels? Or hammerhead sharks? Or stingrays?

Oh, and he thinks that we should all go there for a family vacation to go scuba diving.

Good idea, bub. We'll look into it. In the meantime, maybe I'll get you a goldfish for your birthday.


ewe are here said...

I love how they love to learn and absorb information.

And ask to go on exciting adventurous vacations. ;-)

obsessiveskier said...

Sweet story!

Hope you had a good time with Meg last night. I fell asleep before she got home.

I'm looking forward to seeing Keith & Kai this afternoon.