Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What on earth have we done?

It was necessary to treat a skin rash he has had for a while. But really: Oh.My.Goodness.


Grandma H said...

It is not that bad. I didn't know he had a rash but I do like it and he doesn't see to mind it.

obsessiveskier said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That's a good looking head under there. As my forehead continues to grow, I'm thinking that day is going to come for me as well. But I'm nervous about it...what if I don't have a good looking head like Kai? What if my head is all lumpy or dented or something and I've never realized it because I've always had hair up there!?!

You wear it well, Kai!

Kate said...

Oh so cute!
I know Ryan once had to shave his head after a haircut mishap and it was such a shocker at first but I got used to it. And at least if they have a decent shape head (which Kai seems to) they can pull it off when need be!

Shannon said...

I LOVE it :)

Andy McCullough said...

Kai is still cute no matter the length of his hair.

The 1% said...

The clear truthyness is that he wanted to look just like his uncle Peej! I mean, really, who could blame him?