Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope your New Year's was wonderful. Mine was lovely, thank you very much. Our family celebrated with some of the folks from our church at our pastor's house. Does that sound lame? Let me tell you, it was not. We are a very cool bunch. And the terribly exciting Cranium match proved it.

I've never been one for those big huge ring-in-the-New-Year in a skimpy sparkly thing holding a glass of bubbly amid a host of people singing and dancing and looking all svelte. Sure, that sounds like fun, but I've just never been invited. Anyhow, I like my evenings low key. "4... 3... 2... 1... Happy New Year, everyone! OK thanks for the fun, see you next week." Suits me just fine.

To celebrate the new year, I'm going to do what I've seen some other excellent bloggers do (original I am not) and remember the past year with Becky's 2007 first sentence of the month.

It's fun, I promise. It's also a sneaky way to entice you into my archives.

  • January, from Soapbox Revisited: I know I don't live in Ontario, but an innate need to know what's happening at home combined with the pathetic lack of reporting in the US on the World Junior Hockey Championships prompted me to check out the online version of The Toronto Star yesterday.
  • March, from Back from the mountains: We just spent Friday afternoon and Saturday at a friend's parents' condo in Silverthorne - four families: 7 adults and 11 kids.
  • April, from Anatomie of a bike ride: I developed this idea for a post (or at least for a collection of photos) a week ago today.
  • May, from Four: Four is carrying your own pack.
  • July, from Happy Birthday, Canada!: I'm exhausted, but before I head off to bed, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Canada Day!
  • November, from Puttering around: A very wise man once recommended that puttering is good for the soul.
So overall, what I've learned from this little exercise: I'm obsessed with Canada, the environment, ellipses and exclamation points. Sometimes I'm wordy, and sometimes (I.e.: September, in which I only posted ONCE) I'm not. And perhaps it's rather surprising that so many of you actually bother to visit. At least my kid is cute, right?

Happy New Year, everyone! OK, thanks for the fun. See you next week.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know why everybody else reads your blog, but I can tell you why I do!

Yes, Let's talk about that. Why I read your blog. Wait no, let's talk about New Year's.. I'm glad you had a good one :) I have done the Semi-Fancy New Year's, the All-You-Can-Drink Bar in the City New Year's, the Quiet at Home Because I'm Sick with the Flu New Year's, the House Party New Year's, the Hot Tub/On the Beach New Year's and the Hang Out at a Friend's New Year's. I think I liked all of them... except maybe the Flu one - that was kinda yucky.

Oh, and I read your blog consistantly because
(a) you blog about interesting things
(b) you have an opinion/story/point to your blogs
(c) you, unlike 99% of the other bloggers in the blogosphere, can actually *write* - you spell things correctly, you use proper grammar and you put a sentence together well :)
and last but not least..
(d) you have a a cute kid ;)