Saturday, June 23, 2007


Yep. It was a birdhouse. Sorry for the delayed confirmation. The best part - Keith came home from work last Saturday night as Kai was being tucked into bed. About 15 minutes later, Kai came downstairs and said in a rather serious voice from the fourth step:

"Dad. I have to warn you. I painted a birdhouse for you for Father's Day."

The kid isn't terribly familiar with the concept of surprises.

Phew. Good thing Keith was warned. Birdhouses can be rather shocking.


And then a week went by.

Today was a whirlwind - we had a garage sale and got rid of approximately $200 worth of stuff we don't need. Always a worthwhile venture. Just. Very. Tiring. We're going to celebrate our winnings by having leftovers for supper. Mmmm... leftovers.

After I have a quick nap.


monica said...

yeah we had that! Dad look at your suprise Father's day card!!!


Kids eh?

Anonymous said...

Nice job Kai .... Your father got a card and gift. Guess Who