Saturday, June 30, 2007

Icky icky icky.

So here I am with a lot of peaches on my hands, thinking that I should make a couple peach pies for tomorrow's big barbecue. Nothing special, just peaches and crust, like my father-in-law makes.

But most of the recipes online call for fresh peaches. Naturally. I can understand that.

I decide to be more specific, and I google ["canned peaches" pie]. One of the hits is an link, in which I found this, a recipe for Beef Peach Pie.

No offense to Ms. Diana Webb, but are you kidding me? And if it doesn't sound bad enough, D.Hamilton went and uploaded a photo of it's grossness!

This is definitely a candidate for the Weight Watchers cards (skip to the link in the last paragraph). It just needs some knick-knacks.

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