Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swan lake

(1 minute ago)

Me: When you're finished watching your movie, we should make a card for your dad.

Kai: Is today Father's Day?

Me: No. Tomorrow.

Kai: Is there a kids' day? One where you do nice things for your kid?

Me: Um... no.


Me: Well, maybe your birthday or Christmas... Or maybe everyday.

We're back inside. The sky is rumbling and I'm expecting rain anytime now. Thankfully, it was beautiful this morning while Kai and I were in Lafayette for another preschool kid's birthday party. It was held at a park at a little lake in the middle of a subdivision. (Reservoir, perhaps, might be the appropriate term.) The lake has paddleboats which the birthday boy's family rented for us. Ours was in the shape of a swan.

Once we came home we had another little project. Here's a sneak peak:


Kate said...

Hmm is this a guess the project? At first glance I thought a ramp for Kai's bike, but maybe a bit dangerous...
Perhaps a birdhouse?

bubandpie said...

I had that EXACT conversation with my parents when I was a kid - and I remember the deep injustice of it, when it seemed quite apparent to me that every day was not kids' day.

ewe are here said...

ummm, yeah, every day is kid's day!

great pics - looks like a nice day.

Anonymous said...

everyday s kids day... maybe a dog house... the lake looked beautiful
from kid at heart.

Tye Anderson said...

could you possibly imagine the size of the plastic swan poop...or like a real swan, if they decided to bite! It would take off your head!