Friday, June 15, 2007

An old friend I really miss.

Many of you have read the post Becky did about Vonage some time ago. Outside of the hell we have gone through with this company there is one benefit that is nice to have - there are really good rates to call certain countries outside of North America.

Today I talked to my old friend Andy Given. I met Andy in Toronto years ago while he was doing his doctorate at the University of Toronto. He had moved to Canada from New Zealand to go to school, met a great Canadian girl and has since moved back to New Zealand. We have had a few emails over the years but today we actually talked to each other. It was great to hear his voice again, he has that distinct Kiwi sound again after years in Canada.

Our friendship is one of those that just seems to pick up from where it left off. Other friends simply faded away, not from my lack of trying I might add. Come to think of it I'm not really sad for those losses. I have other friendships like the one I have with Andy and I am grateful for those as well but Andy is a different kind of friend. Our sons are close in age, he got me excited about the All Blacks and he is just a good mate.

Thanks for the chat today Andy.

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Anonymous said...

Was great catching up - hopefully next time might be in the mountains of NZ!!