Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some assembly required

Surely it's Friday by now. This week has been far too long already for it to just be Thursday.

No? Just Thursday?



So here's what I've been spending my time doing lately at work...

Fun, eh?

Yes - I swear I'm a chemist. I just do... other things too. But it's all in the name of chemistry. Honest.

In other news, I hit a tumbleweed on the highway today. Ran right into it. Random tumbleweeds are just some of those little reminders that we live in a desert.

I'm afraid that's all I've got for today. My mind is slowly turning to mush at work, so it's all I can do to pull sentences together in the evening. However, we've got a big weekend up ahead, so stay tuned for more fun. There is a lot of red and white on the horizon!


ewe are here said...

are you building a transporter so you can pop off on vacation somewhere?

sounds like you might need one


Kate said...

I have to ask - I know you ride your bike everywhere so I'm wondering if you hit the tumbleweed while on the bike or in the car?